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Current Show (July 31, 2015):

Discussed by David Hogberg
with National Center for Public Policy Research (www.NationalCenter.org)

Part 1 of 2

Is there any help and hope for Medicare? Should every American citizen over the age of 65 be forced to utilize Medicare for their health insurance needs? The system is broke and adding more people to the fray will only make it worse, in my opinion.

Dr. David Hogberg has a new book out "Medicare's Victims: How the U.S. Government's Largest Health Care Program Harms Patients and Impairs Physicians.  The book reveals personal stories of patients who have been harmed, as well as the struggles many physicians face within the system.

David explains why Medicare is so popular, especially among politicians. “A lot of the folks on Medicare have considerable political power, which basically results in Congress making sure Medicare works for them.” He goes on to discuss why using a Medicare-for-all system is a bad idea (duh – it comes from Barney Frank!) and why politicians love healthy people (hint: sick people can’t help block walk!). “Unless you’re from Chicago, your vote doesn’t count when you’re dead!” – Dr. David Hogberg

Dr. David Hogberg also shares two of the stories he includes in his book.   The facts don’t lie. While there is a good outcome, will it be enough? Listen in and share with your friends.

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Discussed by David Hogberg
with National Center for Public Policy Research (www.NationalCenter.org)

In this second segment with Dr. David Hogberg, he reviews who matters and who doesn’t. Under the current Medicare system, seniors have all the power and those who are sick are thrown under the bus. However, he does have hope! He has some great new ideas on how to reform Medicare in his new book, which can be purchased for Kindle or on paperback [here].

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Discussed by Ethen Blevins
with Pacific Legal Foundation (www.PacificLegal.org)

In Seattle, WA, residents once had their garbage protected from nosy trash collectors. Not anymore. Now, if you do not sort through your recyclables and trash well enough, you can be fined and forced to sort through it again! Yes! I’m serious!

Ethen Blevins  is an attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation representing the people in Seattle who are fed up with the government overreach. Ethen calls them “lovers of liberty”. He explains the law and why it is just so outrageous. He also discusses the two main components to their lawsuit against the city of Seattle. Listen in as he explains.

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Discussed by Bob Mallory
with Pray for US (www.PrayFor.us)

Part 1 of 2

Illegal immigration is a hot topic right now. Here on The What’s UP Radio Program, we’ve been discussing the issue for years. It seems the rest of the country is now paying attention, mainly due to Donald Trump and his comments on the issue.

Everyone wants security. Everyone wants to feel safe. Nobody wants to be the victim of a horrible crime, but sometimes it just happens. Now, we aren’t saying that all illegal immigrants are criminals – not by a long shot. However, Bob Mallory, with Pray for US (United States),  has some shocking figures to discuss with us today. He references an article on PJ Media to support this information.

Every year, up until 2008, the State Department released figures concerning human trafficking. Those numbers are no longer being reported! Why not? Did the drug cartels stop transporting people (primarily women and children) into the US to be sold into prostitution? I wish! Oh, how I wish. But that just isn’t the case, and now we don’t even know how bad it has really gotten.

The Facts: (from four years ago!!)

 - 25,064 illegal aliens are in American prisons for murder.
 - 14,788 are in prison for kidnapping.
 - 42,609 for robbery.
 - 115,045 for burglary.
 - 2,005 for arson.
 - 94,492 for weapons violations.
 - 81,710 for stealing cars.
 - 404,788 illegal aliens were in prison in 2010 for "traffic violations" meaning drunk driving.
 - 504,047 for narcotics violations.

Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Texas: 611,234 Crimes, 2,993 Murders

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Discussed by Bob Mallory
with Pray for US (www.PrayFor.us)

Crimes committed by illegal aliens are on the rise. Would all the crime stop if the US decided to ship the illegal aliens who commit violent crimes back to their country of origin? Bob Mallory uses a story out of Forest Grove, Oregon, as an example, where two little girls were killed by an 18-year old illegal immigrant (a woman) who was drunk. This woman was supposed to be deported before this even happened! These two little girls would still be alive today if the authorities had just done their job!

We hear stories similar to this one almost daily. What can be done? Every other country in the world has very strict immigration laws. Why doesn’t the US? Contact your elected officials today and demand action now!

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Discussed by Mark Lanier
with Biblical Literacy (www.Biblical-Literacy.com)

Day 5

Muhammad and Islam Part 1

Muhammad was not a very popular man in Mecca. He was ruining their economy by saying there is only one God. Remember – they made their money off people coming to worship the hundreds of idols and gods they had all around the city. He got kicked out of the city and traveled to Medina, where he starts converting a lot of people to the Islam faith.

But people still didn’t like him! He started a lot of battles over the Islam faith and things get kind of crazy for a while. Listen as Mark explains why the Christians had to start paying Muhammad a tax! Yes – a tax! (He’ll dig deeper into this next week.)

Who is the Parakleet, or Holy Spirit? Is it Muhammad or Jesus Christ? What is the job of the Parakleet? “The Holy Spirit is not just an idea. The Holy Spirit is not a human being. The Holy Spirit is not a prophet. The Holy Spirit is God, who can dwell within a born again, redeemed person,” Mark reveals.

Points for Home:

 - Choose to walk in the Lord. Let your light shine so others see God in you.

 - Gospel mean death, burial, resurrection of Jesus on our behalf.

 - If you not preaching the Gospel according to Paul’s message (see above), then you are not preaching the true Word of God.

If you do not have a church home, Mark invites you to come to Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, TX. Attend the early service at 9:30 AM and then go the Family Life Center (located near the center of the church building) for his Life Group class, which begins at 11 AM. Mark’s class averages about 800 people every Sunday, so don’t be shy! Come and join them this Sunday!

Listen in every day to hear a portion of Mark’s lesson.

Remember, you can order a copy of his new book, “Christianity on Trial”, directly from the publisher [here].

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Discussed by Terry Lowry
with Host of the What's UP Radio Program

Host Terry Lowry interviews influential and knowledgeable guests on relevant topics for today.

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