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Current Show (January 17, 2018):

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Discussed by Wesley J. Smith
with Discovery Institute (www.discovery.org)

Disclaimer: Use caution when listening to this segment around young children. Issues discussed might be upsetting or hard for little ones to understand.

President Trump recently proclaimed January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, a move that Wesley J. Smith applauds. Wesley is a writer at the National Review and a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute.

Human exceptionalism holds that every one of us is inherently equal, both in moral value and properly under the law. Or to put it another way, no human being should ever be treated as an object, only and always a subject,” Smith wrote in his daily blog at National Review.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Someone once shared a horrific true story about “children kept in hanging bamboo cages” with Wesley J. Smith. Listen as he shares why this impacted him so deeply and what he decided to do about it.

How many people are being trafficked across the world today? HINT: The number is in the tens of millions!

Are 80% of those being trafficked or enslaved women?

How many children are trafficked?

What is “The Blue Campaign”?

What are some of the indicators that a person is being trafficked?

Do stronger borders deter human trafficking?

How can we be involved?

If you suspect someone is being trafficked, please do not hesitate to report it: 1.866.347.2423 NOTE: Do NOT approach either the trafficker or the person being trafficked.

If you are being forced to do something against your will, please call for help today: 1.888.373.7888

Discussed by Dr. Sharen Ford
with I Care about Orphans (www.icareaboutorphans.org)

Too many children are left to sleep in a cold, unfeeling room in a county building because there are not enough loving families willing to open their homes.

Dr. Sharen Ford is the Program Director for Focus on the Family’s adoption and orphan care efforts. Listen as she reveals just how desperate the need is and how you can help – even if you are not called to foster or adopt, you can help others who are.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Is adoption truly a loving option?

What type of circumstance occur when children are placed in foster care?

How many children are awaiting adoption today in the US Foster Care System?

Is everyone called by God to adopt? HINT: No, but everyone can do something, specifically pray.

Listen as Dr. Sharen Ford explains some of the barriers regarding adoption.

Click here  for more resources and information regarding adoption.

Discussed by Mark Lanier
with Biblical Literacy (www.Biblical-Literacy.com)

Part 1 - Day 3

Mark Lanier is writing another devotional! Yay! This new book will be a daily devotional guide based on the Torah. For the next several weeks, Mark will be offering a glimpse into some of those writings.

NOTE: At the end of January, the Champion Forest Baptist Church body will begin a study on Colossians. This includes Mark’s class. If you do not have a church home, this is the perfect time to visit! Click here for more details.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Was Jesus mentioned in the Old Testament? You bet! How often? A lot! When was Jesus first mentioned?

Does your life have the form of melting jello? In Genesis 1, God formed the earth, then He filled it. Will you allow God to fill your life this year?

I love the quote from Mark about why the Bible was written. Mark says, “The Bible was not written about other people. It was written about them and YOU.”

The next passage Mark discusses is Genesis 7:24-8:1. Tune in tomorrow as he continues to explain why this passage is often misquoted and why skeptics use these verses to say God is “just a supersized human”.

For more information about Mark’s Class, click [here].

Discussed by Pastor David Fleming
with Champion Forest Baptist Church (www.ChampionForest.org)

Day 3

Pastor Fleming, Senior Pastor at Champion Forest Baptist Church, began a new series sermon series on January 1 entitled “What Matters Most”. He began by preaching on the most important aspect of being a Christian: “Loving God”.

The Scripture passage Pastor Fleming uses is Mark 12, beginning in verse 28, which is the famous “Greatest Commandment” speech made by Jesus.

Questions/Issues Discussed:

Do you love God? Really and truly – do you?

That’s not really the real question, though. The real question is this: Do you love the Lord your God completely, unreservedly, and without hesitation, with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength?

What does that kind of love look like? Pastor Fleming says that you must first look at the source of that love, because you cannot just make it happen. Listen as he explains, using 1 John 4:19 “We love because He first loved us.”

Pastor David Fleming encourages you to visit Champion Forest Baptist Church in NW Houston this Sunday! CFBC has Life Groups classes (Sunday School) for all ages and walks of life, including Mark Lanier’s Biblical Literacy Class, as well as several service times and locations to choose from. For more information, click here.

Discussed by Terry Lowry
with Host of the What's UP Radio Program

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