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Current Show (October 24, 2014):

Discussed by Brad Mattes
with Life Issues Institute www.lifeissues.org

A lie is a lie is a lie. Abortion supporters have had the best wordsmiths for decades. They have convinced millions of women that abortion is safe, legal, and rare. Now that America has surpassed the 60 million abortion mark, abortion supporters have a new tactic.

No one would ever put this bumper sticker on their car: “I love abortion”. No one in the abortion industry would ever say “We’re in favor of killing babies”. NO. They are smarter than that. But not as smart as they think.

Brad Mattes says that abortion supporters know they are losing the battle. They know that more and more women are seeing abortion for what it really is: murder. They are getting desperate. Their newest campaign is to convince people that women who have an abortion are doing a “social good”. They call it “reproductive justice”. They say that abortion “saves lives, improves lives, and makes for a stronger society”.

After pro-life supporters coined the phrase “Love them both” and were successful in passing the Sonogram bill, more women started choosing life for their babies. Women are now rejecting Planned Parenthood’s “abortion-on-demand-no-apologies” claim that abortion empowers women. Too many women have been scarred, physically and emotionally, from abortion. They now know the truth and are willingly fighting save other women from the agony they face daily.

If you have had an abortion and would like some free advice from Christian counselors, log on to www.LifeIssues.org.  Don’t go another day with the guilt and suffering. Contact them today.

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Discussed by Dr. Jeffrey Singer
with Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (www.aapsonline.org)

How does Obamacare fair with American physicians? Mary Hopkins Consulting Group, along with the Physicians Foundation, surveyed 20,000 doctors and discovered that 46% gave Obamacare a grade of “D” or “F”. Less than 25% of doctors gave the new health care system an “A” or a “B”.

Most doctors who gave a fairly good grade were government doctors, like doctors at VA hospitals, or large corporation hospitals – ER docs, residents and interns, and rotating physicians. These people do not experience the day-to-day life of patients; they don’t develop long-term relationships and trust with their patients. In other words, they are factory line doctors – get them in and out as quickly as possible. Diagnose and send them away.

Have you been allowed to keep the same insurance company? When your insurance changed, were you able to keep the same doctor you’ve been using for years or decades? Millions of people have had their insurance canceled or changed. Many times, specialists are miles and miles away from their home. Even more often, there is only one specialist to choose from! Where are the choices, Mr. President? Where are the great, cheap insurance plans you promised, Mr. President?

Dr. Singer says, “There has been so much damage done with Obamacare. Hopefully there will be an overwhelming consensus across the spectrum to put patients in charge of their healthcare once again.

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Discussed by Phyllis Schlafly
with Eagle Forum (www.eagleforum.org)

Part 1 of 2

Is the American family dead? Is it dying? Phyllis Schlafly has written a great new book, “Who Killed the American Family”. Phyllis says that children have a legitimate interest in their parent’s marital relationship.

More studies are proving that children do better in school, have better peer relationships, and are less likely to be in poverty if they live with both their mother and father. They are less likely to smoke, drink, and experiment drugs. Kids from father-less households comprise the majority of suicides, runaways, school dropouts, and teen pregnancies.

Not to say that kids with a mom and dad don’t have problems and issues; they just have less.

Phyllis uses the term “The Nuclear Family” in her book “Who Killed the American Family”. It is an economic unit. This is the type of family that founded America. When “The Nuclear Family” began to split, more problems arose within our country.

Listen in to the next segment with Phyllis Schlafly as discusses the impacts that social media, TV and movies, and even school have on children and teens.

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Discussed by Phyllis Schlafly
with Eagle Forum (www.eagleforum.org)

Who is to blame for the breakup of the American family? Government? The Gay Agenda? Judges? Psychologists and “family experts”? Is it the church’s fault?

In her book, “Who Killed the American Family”, Phyllis identifies 6 types of people who think they will benefit from the breakup of the American family. One group is the feminists. They are constantly telling teen and college girls: “You don’t need a husband. Have a baby now. You’re a strong independent woman. You don’t need a man to help you. Take care of yourself.

However, studies have shown that women want to get married. Women want a man who makes more money than they do. They want the opportunity to take time off to have children, care for their children, volunteer at school, and take them to ballet and soccer. Most women still want a career, but want they want a family, too. And they want a husband to help them.

Phyllis says that another new study shows that most men actually want children. And men who have children often make more money than men who don’t have children! Men need to have a mission in life as provider for their family.

Lastly, Phyllis discusses the single mom and single dad. The church is filled with single parents (more moms than dads) who are hurting and just want some help and support. Phyllis isn’t attacking single parents. She acknowledges that they are not alone and oftentimes do a fantastic job raising their kids alone. However, we must address the social and moral issues facing the American family today. We must do something to reverse the downward spiral.

Log on to www.EagleForum.org  to get a copy of Phyllis’s new book, “Who Killed the American Family”.

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Discussed by Mark Lanier
with Biblical Literacy (www.Biblical-Literacy.com)

Day 5

So far with the Context Bible, Mark has gone through the Gospel of John and is now taking us through Acts, studying the Holy Spirit in the Church. Mark supplements scriptures from the rest of the Bible during his Life Group class every Sunday, while the “meat” of the Context Bible comes from John, Acts, and Revelations (which will begin in November) in the sermons every Sunday.

Psalms are Good

How can you apply the Psalms to your daily life? You can be in a season of great joy or intense pain and still be blessed by the beautiful writings in Psalms. Paul experienced times of sadness and happiness and was still able to look to the Psalms for encouragement and help.

Mark prays that you have learned something new and fresh from this week’s lesson, as with all his lessons. Next week, we will be taking a break to air a refresher on why Mark has chosen to “rewrite” the Bible into the “Context Bible”. But don’t fret! He’ll be back the following week with a new lesson! We’re almost done with Acts and will be moving on to Revelation soon. Don’t miss it!

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Mark Lanier, the leader of the Context Bible study at Champion Forest Baptist Church, is a practicing attorney who also holds a B.A. in Biblical Languages from David Lipscomb University. He is both a committed student of Scripture and an excellent communicator of its truths.

If you do not have a church home, Mark invites you to come to Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, TX.  Attend the early service at 9:30 AM and then go the Family Life Center (located near the center of the church building) for his Life Group class, which begins at 11 AM. Mark’s class averages about 800 people every Sunday, so don’t be shy! Come and join them this Sunday!

Listen in every day to hear a portion of Mark’s lesson.

Remember, you can order a copy of his new book, “Christianity on Trial”, directly from the publisher [here].

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Discussed by Terry Lowry
with Host of the What's UP Radio Program

Host Terry Lowry interviews influential and knowledgeable guests on relevant topics for today.

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